Benefits For the Bank

PrognoAdvisor Financial Planning Platform provides you unmatched benefits that will help you grow your business and keep your customers happy and loyal to you.

 Grow Your Core Business

 Grow Your Fee based Income

 Increase Customer Profitability

 Create Steady Sales Pipeline

 Avoid Mis-spelling

 Increase Customer Loyalty


PrognoAdvisor brings together the Client, Advisor and Financial Planner on a single platform. It helps to generate plans 10x faster and increases advisor efficiency by 4x.

Client Onboarding

Signing up, KYC Verification, Payment Gateway, Invoicing, Data Submission

Risk Profiling

Scientifically built using a combination of financial and behavioural analysis

Currency Agnostic

User can submit data in any currency and get reports in preferred currency

Strategy Builder

80 plus strategies available for Financial Planners to configure a plan

Custom Advice

Unique rules-based advice engine delivers specific advice related to the situation


Remote Collaboration between User, Advisor and Financial Planner

Document Folder

Users can upload digital copies of their documents and share with Advisors

PDF Print

Client can see the plan online as well as take a PDF Printout

Date Feeds

Integrates data feeds of stock prices, fund NAVs, currency rates

Admin Console

Set asset allocations, product masters, product baskets, default values and create business users


PrognoAdvisor comes with a host of unique features that makes its one of the most flexible and user friendly software

Financial Diagnosis

Elaborate analysis of user’s current financial situation to identify areas of weakness as well as to show how his or her financial situation will pan out in the future

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Advice covering Budgeting, Debt Management, Goals, Investments, Savings, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Taxation

Asset Allocation

Asset allocations for 4-time horizons for each of the 3-risk profile. The Rate of return of the asset allocation of the goal time horizon used in the goal calculation

Investment Risk

Graphically depicts the investment risk by using expected rate of return and standard deviation of the asset allocation.


Shows projections of future Income, Expenses, Cash flow, Debt, Asset, Liabilities, Networth and Goals.

Portfolio Construction

The portfolios are constructed in such a way that the asset allocation of the portfolio matches exactly with the suggested asset allocation.


Automatically selects the inflation rate of the country of residence of the user to project the future value of goal. It has list of inflation rate of 140+ countries updated periodically.

Mobile Responsive

Users can also access the web-based application using mobile browser. All pages will get realigned as per the mobile interface and will give a mobile app feel.

How can we help you?

Progno offers flexible business models to help you start off
quickly and create an everlasting impact on your customers.

Turnkey Installation

In this model we license the software platform to you. We configure the set up as per the parameters provided by you and train your people on using the platform. It will be a white labelled solution powered by Progno. We will also work on your customisation requirements and put you on a get set ready go track!!

Referral Partnership

If you do not want to invest in the platform right now or you are not prepared to create a business vertical then PrognoAdvisor can provide the Financial Planning service to your customers and you can manage the implementation of the plans through your sales team.

Outsource Paraplanning

If you have the RIA license and ready to invest in technology, but want to use professional help outside your organization to prepare the financial plans, we can outsource the financial plan preparation exercise for you. Your team can front end the relationship management.

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