Of employees worry about their financial future and stay awake at night stressing out about money.


Of HR professionals say financial stress is having some impact on employee work performance


Say that personal finances distract them at work.


A clear majority of employers say that they believe that financial education boosts productivity


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Employee Financial Wellness Program

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Everything needed to help employees learn, understand and plan to improve their financial wellbeing and reduce their current stress levels as well as not to get into a stressed situation again later in the life.

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Financial Wellness Survey

Scientifically designed by Financial Experts based on indepth research, to assess the overall Financial stress levels of the employees of a company. Provides a comprehensive report with suggested action plan for the company to improve the financial wellness of the employees.

    We first though it might be an activity for generating sales lead. But no employee’s personal identification information was collected. And the report was surprisingly revealing. It pinpointed on what are all the weaknesses with respect to the financial situation of our employees. Jishi, CEO, Gredenza International LLC

Financial Coaching

Improving financial literacy is the first step towards financial wellness and financial discipline. Through our digital learning platform your employees will be administered financial education covering topics like budgeting, managing loans, planning their investments, goal planning, retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning.

    Our company used to bring in experts to talk on financial matter before Covid 19 pandemic. Though they gave good insights, how to put them into practice using tools was missing. PrognoAdvisor’s integration of coaching and calculators seems to fill that gap. Muhammed Nizar, Software Developer

Financial Counselling

If your employees have any specific financial issues, they can talk to our Financial Counsellors who can guide them on how to resolve the issues. The financial counselling is provided for a specific issue and it’s not general in nature.

    One of my relatives was pestering me to buy a money back policy. I was not sure if it was right for me. I scheduled an appointment with the financial counselor provided by my company. He explained the policy to me and how to find how much cover I really need. Then it was easy to take a decision on the policy. Ram Aggarwal, Facilities Manager

Financial Planning

PrognoAdvisor’s digital financial planning platform has a sophisticated financial model integrating cash flow and goal planning to deliver the most practical financial plan, covering all aspects of a person’s finances like managing income & expenses, loans, planning goals, investments, insurance, savings, taxes and succession.

    I was very tensed since I was not knowing whether I will have enough money to meet my needs during retirement. Also, children were getting into college. After getting my comprehensive financial plan, I was relieved. I found that I can create wealth beyond my needs with a little more discipline. Harry Mendes, Vice President, Marketing

Financial Tools

Self-help Calculators and planning tools for employees to put into practice managing their newly acquired knowledge on managing money. These include budget planner, life insurance planner, retirement calculator, investment portfolio tracker, debt manager, life insurance calculator, tax calculator, tax planner and tax filing.

    The tools are really cool. I have tried the budgeting tool and life insurance calculator. I could play around and finally take decision on the expenses to cut down. Jayanti Mehta, Software Engineer

Employee Financial Portal

A portal for the employees to access various services mentioned above. The portal can be integrated with the HR portal of the company to have a seamless experience.

    The finance portal is very convenient. It helps to schedule appointment with Financial Counselor, access tools, attend money management course and keep all my financial information at my fingertips. Malini Singh, HR Executive

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