About Us

Everything around looks fine and beautiful when one has money and everything will look dull and boring when there is no money.

Progno Financial Planning Systems (P) Ltd is a financial technology company providing analytics and advisory services. At Progno, we strive every day to simplify personal finance and to help people take informed decisions when it comes to their money.

Founded by Sanjeev Kumar G, one of India’s top certified financial planners and a popular columnist with an experience of more than 20 years, Prognoadvisor is India’s first digital comprehensive financial planning platform

We believe that challenging status quo will lead to ‘out of the box’ solutions that will make life simpler and happier. That’s how we came up with idea of a digital platform to make financial analysis and planning easier.

For us, it doesn’t matter when the day starts or ends. What is of foremost importance is how close we have moved towards fulfilling our commitment to provide the best insights to the people who believe in us.