Financial Planning
Free Financial Diagnosis

Financial diagnosis will identify potential threats such as high expenses, loan repayments and insurance premiums, low investment returns or lack of insurance cover

Dedicated advisor

Each client will have access to a dedicated personal financial advisor, who can be approached for any financial queries or clarifications.

Bank level security

We take extra-care to ensure that your personal details are secure with us and hence the all the information you enter are protected by 256 bit data encryption.

Actionable advice in Simple English

Practical advice communicated in easy to understand language devoid of any complicated calculations and jargon.

Integrated planning

We create a foundation for financial wellness by integrating goal planning with cash flow and investment planning to ensure goal achievement.

Digital documentation

There is a dashboard facility client can upload and keep relevant documents so that he/she can access it at convenience. All at one place and highly secured.

Fully Web-based

The whole process is web-based and can be accessed anytime, anywhere across multiple devices at user’s convenience.  

Regular tracking and timely alerts

Regular follow up and automated alerts through mobile and web ensures the plan is implemented and deviations are corrected in time.

Annual Review

Detailed review of the plan is conducted every year to find out the returns, analyse results and to modify strategies according to the changes in market.

  • Organize

    Gathers all your financial and goal-related information, segregates them and organises them in a structured manner. The data are protected with 256 bit data encryption.

    1. Access from anywhere, anytime
    2. Single frame overview of your financial information
    3. Digital folder to upload your financial document copies
  • Organize

    Instant analysis of your current financial situation and provides Financial Diagnosis report which helps you identify the potential problem areas. It is totally FREE!

    1. Cash flow Analysis
    2. Cash flow projections
    3. Investment Risk & Return Analysis
    4. Liability Analysis
    5. Goal Achievement Analysis
    6. Risk Profiling
  • Organize

    A financial plan which provides comprehensive advice and an action plan to be implemented is generated which will give a BIG PICTURE of your life.

    1. Cash flow planning
    2. Debt Management
    3. Goal Planning
    4. Portfolio Construction
    5. Portfolio Rebalancing
    6. Savings Planning
    7. Life Insurance Planning
    8. General Insurance Planning
  • Organize

    Periodical review of the plan is done after considering changes lifestyle, financials and market movements in order to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.

    1. Annual Review
    2. Mobile Tracker*

Benefits of Financial Planning with Prognoadvisor

Being rich practically means having enough money to accomplish our goals at the time of our needs. Even if a person has an abundance of resources, if he/she uses it recklessly only to find that they are short of money in times of need, the whole purpose of having money goes waste. A financial plan helps you to secure your future, without sacrificing the lifestyle you desire.

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Gives you the bigger picture

A financial plan gives you the overall view of your economic life and shows you how your financials can be reworked in such a way that you will have enough money at the time of your every need. You can see the complete picture of your net worth, cash flow and insurance policies at any time on any device.

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Clear vision of Financial Future

Through comprehensive analysis of cash-flow, assets, liabilities, insurance and goals using extensive number crunching, we will show you where you are going. By setting goals and laying a solid path to achieve them, financial planning lets you have a balance between living a fulfilled life today and planning wisely for tomorrow.

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Practical approach that makes a difference

Simple and practical advice and recommendations backed by solid research and experience. We follow a client centered approach, and take care of the complete financial structure of an individual. Our plans are personalized, holistic and actionable.

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Personalized advice as one size doesn’t fit for all

In most cases, if we blindly follow what others do, what worked for others will not work for us. Before getting into an investment or buying a mutual fund, you should know whether it aligns with your goals and needs. We customize the financial plan just for you, as we know that one size doesn’t fit for all.

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Leveraging technology to make financial plans simpler

Being a hybrid planning platform, the complex calculations of financial analysis are performed by our sophisticated software which runs algorithms and uses artificial intelligence to generate the plan. A certified financial planner will verify the plan and re-configure the strategies if required.

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Backed by high-end research

High end research capabilities usually available for Hedge Fund Managers are made available for the common man. A committed research team studies the current market conditions and has unique methodologies for product selection.

The Comprehensive Financial Planning Program of PrognoAdvisor includes the following aspects of financial planning

Risk Profiling
Cash Flow Plan
Debt Management
Investment Plan
Retirement Plan
Goal Plan
Asset Allocation
Savings Plan
Portfolio Rebalancing
Life Insurance Plan
Cash Flow Projections
Investment Projections
Action Plan
Portfolio Tracker


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