Employee Financial Wellness Program

Workplace is where people make their most important financial decisions . Have you ever thought about how financial stress at workplace is impacting your organization?
Lack of a proper money management plan and insufficient savings (living paycheck by paycheck) are found to be the leading causes of financial stress.
Apart from weakening employee morale and motivation, high financial stress can also cause a plethora of health problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and lack of concentration.
Statistics here show that there is a real opportunity and need for employers to introduce an Employee Fnancial Well-being program.
In an economy where so many employees are stressed about money, providing talented workers with tools to address that stress can be a competitive edge for the company.
Of employees worry about their financial future and stay awake at night stressing out about money.
Say that personal finances distract them at work.
Of HR professionals say financial stress is having some impact on employee work performance
A clear majority of employers say that they believe that financial education boosts productivity

Making your employees financially fit is simple and cost efficient with Prognoadvisor.

We are committed to ensure your employee’s financial welfare by introducing a holistic approach to money management. Financial wellness is all about striking a balance between living responsibly today and planning wisely for tomorrow. Our focus is not just on creating a plan, but on enabling employees to make decisions to manage the plan and create wealth over time.

  • Unlike other financial planners, we do not focus on a single aspect such as retirement or college savings.
  • We create a foundation for financial wellness by helping employees build skills in budgeting and savings, avoiding debt traps and find an approach to their money that fits their lifestyle and values.
  • Personalized financial plans for each employee who sign up for the program, based on his/her financial situations.
  • Our hybrid digital advising platform combines the best of both worlds. Our roboadvisor does the calculations and data classification according to algorithms, while our dedicated financial planners focus on devising strategies for each employee and provide human guidance through email, phone and web.
  • Webinars, seminars and educational programs would be conducted at your workplace during the program.

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