Why us ?

We are a rare breed of advisors.

Reliable - We do not sell financial products and are not associated with any product manufacturers like mutual funds or insurance companies. We do not receive any kind of remuneration or benefit from such companies. Our independent status helps us to deliver unbiased advice.

Comprehensive approach - Unlike others where the focus is on just advising on investments and savings, we provide comprehensive advice on managing income & expenses, loan repayments, insurance requirements, asset allocation, goal planning, investment planning and tax planning.

Hybrid advising platform - Though the complex calculations are performed by our sophisticated software which runs algorithms and uses artificial intelligence to generate the plan, you will have a dedicated advisor whom you can reach from anywhere to get a quick advice.

Privacy - We value your privacy and are very concerned about the security of your information. We do not sell or share any of your information to any third party unless otherwise required by government or court of law. We have robust technology which uses 256-bit encryption to secure your data.

Multiple currency support - A user can enter any financial data in any currency he wants. An NRI who earns his income in Dirhams, pays insurance premiums in US dollars and saves in SIPs in Indian Rupees need not take a calculator to convert each figure. He just has to just select the currency and enter the amount. PrognoAdvisor will convert the amount to his preferred currency and generate all reports in his preferred currency.

Country wise Inflation -  Our software uses the inflation of the country where the expense is incurred to make the future projections.

Happy client base - We currently help thousands of people like you and they are very happy. Some feel relieved that they could resolve their debt issues and some others are glad that they could get rid of the messy insurance policies. All of them are happy that they are on the right track to achieve their goals.

We welcome you to join this elite group of people who have taken the right decision to plan their finances.