Life @ Progno

Hire great people and give them freedom to be awesome.
Andrew Mason

We aim to create an environment that inspires your best work. One that fosters mutual respect among colleagues and provides with equal chances for everyone to grow The culture at Progno thrives on creativity, new ideas and performance. The result is a dynamic environment with plenty of opportunities for people to experiment, learn from their mistakes and push the envelope. Every day is filled with learning and opportunities to succeed. We have consciously built an organization of people with whom we enjoy working.

We offer the right mix of freedom and discipline to nudge our people towards developing professional approach. Employees are encouraged to share their knowledge, making for a pleasant work environment. Ethics and team work are stressed upon at Progno, holding each employee accountable for certain standard.

We have created a favourable environment where we are committed to giving our people the right space to grow. The way we all work is governed by some important values, and you’ll find us living those values.