Benefits of PrognoAdvisor

There are several benefits which are unique to

Sharp Analysis – Comprehensive analysis covering income, expenses, assets liabilities, insurance, goals using extensive number crunching in identifying the weak areas in ones financials and shows the future if he or she choose to persists with such weakness.

Actionable Advice - Practical advice communicated in easy to understand language powered by algorithm developed over 2 decades of experience

Regular Tracking - Regular follow up through web and mobile modes on implementation of advice ensures progress as per plan

Timely Alerts - Automated alerts on committed payments, increasing investment risk and impending review ensures deviations are corrected in time

High end Research – High end research capabilities usually available for Hedge Fund Managers are made available for the common man. Has unique methodologies for product selection and follows Modern Portfolio Theory in Asset allocation construction.

Easy Accessibility – Can be accessed from anywhere, any time at user’s convenience.