PrognoAdvisor’s Financial Planning Process

01 -Organize
Gather all financial and personal information of the user, segregate them and show it at one place.   

  •    Access from anywhere, anytime
  •    Support Multiple Currencies
  •    Establishes relation between data

02 -Analyze
Instant analysis of the financial information and identifies

  •    Cash flow shortages-Current & Future
  •    Goal Achievement Possibility
  •    Exposure to various risks

03 - Plan
In order to ensure achievement life goals, algorithm driven advices are generated for:   

  •    Budgeting
  •    Debt restructuring
  •    Portfolio Rebalancing
  •    Regular Savings Plan

Web and mobile based tracker reporting and alerting on   

  •    Plan Vs Actual
  •    Implementation follow up
  •    Portfolio Tracking
  •    Alerts