Unique things about PrognoAdvisor

Fiduciary Principle
PrognoAdvisor acts only in the interest of its users. It does not sell any product and do not earn any commission or brokerage from any product companies like mutual funds or life insurance companies or stock brokers or banks or their associates. We act as your trustees.

Currency Agonistic
A user can enter any financial data in any currency he wants. An NRI who earns his income in Dirhams, pays insurance premiums in US dollar and saves in SIPs in Indian Rupee need not take a calculator to convert each figure. He just has to just select the currency and enter the amount. PrognoAdvisor will convert the amount to his preferred currency and generate all reports in his preferred currency.

Country wise Inflation
PrognoAdvisor will use the inflation of the country where the expense is incurred to make the future projections.

Risk Quantification
PrognoAdvisor makes your investment projections and goal calculations on the basis of the expected returns from your asset allocation. It also shows you how much the expected returns can vary for difference confidence levels (statistical term) and explains in a layman’s language.