by Dileep Ramachandran, Mutual Funds
11 May , 2018

Scheme Name changes of Kotak Mutual Fund

               Scheme Name changes of Kotak Mutual Fund

 Kotak Mutual Fund has decided to change the names of the following schemes with effect date from May 25, 2018, and Jun 01, 2018.


Existing Name

New Name

Kotak Opportunities Fund

Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund

Kotak Flexi Debt Scheme

Kotak Dynamic Bond Fund

Kotak Bond Deposit Fund

Kotak Bond

Kotak Floater Short Term Scheme

Kotak Money Market Scheme

Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund

Kotak Savings Fund

Kotak Income Opportunities Fund

Kotak Credit Risk Fund

Kotak Select Focus Fund

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund

Kotak 50 Fund

Kotak Bluechip Fund

Kotak Balance Fund

Kotak Equity Hybrid Fund

Kotak Midcap Fund

Kotak Smallcap Fund

Kotak Monthly Income Plan

Kotak Debt Hybrid


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