by Dileep Ramachandran, Mutual Funds
24 May , 2018

Scheme Name Changes of SBI Mutual Fund

                  Scheme Name changes of SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Mutual Fund has decided to change the names of the following mutual fund schemes. The new scheme names will reflect from May 16,2018.

Existing Name

New Name


SBI Magnum Equity Fund

SBI Magnum Equity ESG Fund

Thematic Fund

SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund

SBI Large & Mid Cap Fund

Large & Mid Cap Fund

SBI Emerging Business Fund

SBI Focused Equity Fund

Focused Fund

SBI Small & Mid Cap Fund

SBI Small Cap Fund

Small Cap Fund


SBI Consumption Opportunities Fund

Thematic Fund


SBI Technology Opportunities Fund

Sector Fund

SBI Pharma Fund

SBI Healthcare Opportunities Fund

Sector Fund

SBI Magnum Balanced Fund

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund

Aggressive Hybrid Fund

SBI Magnum Insta Cash Liquid Floater

SBI Overnight Fund

Overnight Fund

SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund

SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration Fund

Ultra-Short Duration Fund

SBI Ultra Short-Term Debt Fund

SBI Magnum Low Duration Fund

Low Duration Fund

SBI Regular Savings Fund

SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund

Medium Duration Fund

SBI Corporate Bond Fund

SBI Credit Risk Fund

Credit Risk Fund

SBI Treasury Advantage Fund

SBI Banking & PSU Fund

Banking & PSU Debt Fund

SBI Magnum Gilt Long-Term

SBI Magnum Gilt Fund

Gilt Fund

SBI Magnum Gilt Short-Term

SBI Magnum Constant Maturity Fund

Gilt Fund with 10-year constant Duration

SBI Magnum Monthly Income Plan

SBI Debt Hybrid Fund

Conservative Hybrid Fund

SBI Magnum Monthly Income Plan-Floater

SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund

Multi Asset Allocation Fund

SBI Premier Liquid Fund

SBI Liquid Fund

Liquid Fund


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