Planning for an investment in Mutual Funds/ Stocks with an estimated amount of INR 25 Lakhs. I request you to kindly advise on the same. As an NRI do I have to face any restrictions while making the payments from my NRI account?

Advice received as below.

1.  Better returns than a tradition bank FD as well as Inflation Adjusted Return
2.  Regular Income, say monthly or quarterly (If required)
3.  Capital appreciation with moderate risk.
4.  Liquidity: - Can sell the scheme at any point of time
5.  Tax effective  

While investing, you should consider time horizon, risk profile and financial situation. Equity markets in the past have exhibited high risk in the short term. 3 years is a short term period. For short term it is always better to invest in a combination of debt fund and bank deposits. In some cases 5 to 10% of investment in equity and gold are also advised.  What I suggest to you is to prepare a comprehensive financial plan. A comprehensive financial plan will help you understand your life goals, allocate your current investments to the goals and will tell you how much more you require to save for each goal. It will provide scientific asset allocation strategy to be followed for different time horizons and the investment portfolio. It also will tell you how much life insurance you require and if you have to continue with current policies or not.

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