by Sanjeev Kumar Gopalakrishnan, Investing
12 Sep , 2018

Is Intelligent Technology the Future of Making Smart Financial Investments?

With technology turning super-smart and simplifying every aspect of life, from shopping to aviation, how can personal financial planning stay away from this magic? Intelligent technology is successfully predicting the smartest combination of financial investments, tracking your spends, and forecasting your future expenses today. But discussions about their drawbacks, including lack of human interaction, security, or ability to deliver customized solutions, are also equally vocal. So, what are the benefits of incorporating intelligent technology in planning your investment portfolio? What’s the right combination of technology and an expert financial advisor?

Let’s find out.

An inside view of intelligent technology in investments

Intelligent technology can deliver efficient wealth management and advisory tools that are driven by artificial intelligence, mobility, and cloud technology. These tools are effective in capturing and analyzing your personal financial data accurately and in no time using smart in-build algorithms to deliver in-depth financial insights. Their bot-like user interfaces mimic all the characteristics of human interaction. But that’s not all. Cognitive technology-driven financial advisors, often called robo advisors, have quite a few impressive benefits.

Saves time through their structured approach

The structured, data-driven approach of robo advisors means that every decision regarding financial investments is delivered after considering your every financial parameter. This includes gathering extensive data through simple user-friendly questions that help the tool understand your life goals, current financial situations, financial constraints, and specific short- and long-term financial objectives.

Not affected by emotions

Keeping emotion-driven investment decisions is a common concern associated with depending on human interaction to determine the ideal combination of financial planning. Humans are prone to be attached to emotions and sentiments while planning your finances, whereas intelligent technology is pragmatic. This helps you gain all the possible permutations of investment options that you can choose from a logical point of view.

Easy access  

The convenience of having a conversational interaction with your robot advisor through a simple chat interface at the click of the button makes this a trendy and go-to-solution. Hence, these intelligent tools deliver critical support to expert teams delivering robust financial advisory services.

Reducing manual workload

Right from efficiently gathering information through a set of algorithm-driven questions to delivering timely alerts regarding financial status and first-cut business consulting services, intelligent tools are currently playing a crucial role in reducing manual work in areas that require routine and rule-based monitoring of parameters. This gives investment advisors the opportunity to focus on more skilled areas of delivering customized financial planning guidelines.

To sum up … Intelligent technology-backed financial investment advisors – not just a trend

 The role of intelligent technology in the field of financial investments is set to grow bigger, gaining the trust of investors through strategic financial planning. Experts realize that all technology or all manual contribution has its own disadvantages. Hence, the ideal combination would be to use intelligent tools as facilitators to deliver exemplary and personalized planning of financial investments. So while choosing your financial advisory service, please make sure to check the technology element of their solution.

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 About The Author

Sanjeev Kumar G, an IBS Chennai Alumni, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from India, since 2005. He has 22 years of experience and is an expert in various personal finance areas like portfolio construction, investment research, life insurance and financial planning.


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